Theoretical and computational ecology laboratory

Our aim is to provide conceptual advance to ecological theory using as essential tools mathematical and computational techniques. By empowering ecology with fundamental principles of stochastic processes and quantitative methods, we are particularly interested in building a bridge between theory and data. We are a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary research group that develops specific research lines and provides general theoretical foundations of observational and empirical research in ecology. The group is particularly strong in the analysis of data-rich systems (field or lab) in the context of (1) Population Ecology, (2) Community Ecology and Biodiversity, (3) Movement Ecology, (4) Invasion Biology, and  (5) Epidemics. Currently, our research focuses on:

(1) The development of size- and stage-structured population and demographic models to understand fluctuating spatio-temporal patterns in ecological data.

(2) The mechanistic understanding of biodiversity community patterns through stochastic models in a wide range of ecological systems (coral reefs, microbial communities).

(3) The quantitative analysis and modelling high-throughput animal movement data, and  the development of random search and foraging theory based on the use of model organisms (e.g. nematodes, ants).

(4) The modelling of invasive species (Aedes mosquitoes, marine species), for the case of mosquitoes including citizen science and smartphone technologies.

(5) The modelling of mosquito-borne diseases and zoonotic disease risk transmission.

In sum, we are passionate about the discovery of general principles and how they may apply to ecology. We are interested in the application of universal principles of complex adaptive systems to ecology and value the mathematical approach as a way to develop predictive and conceptual models to bring light to current ecological problems.

Latest publications

  • Decrease in social cohesion in a colonial seabird under a perturbation regime

    doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-75259-3

    Genovart M., O. Gimenez, A. Bertolero, R., Choquet, D. Oro and R. Pradel

  • Enhanced, coordinated conservation efforts required to avoid extinction of critically endangered Eastern Pacific Leatherbacks

    Scientific Reports 10: 4772

    Marino Eugenio Ábrego, Nicolás Acuña-Perales, Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, Jorge Azócar, Ana Rebeca Barragán Rocha, Andrés Baquero, Alejandro Cotto, Jodie Darquea, Nelly de Paz, Miguel Donoso, Peter H. Dutton, Luis Fonseca, Velkiss Gadea, Débora García, Meritxell Genovart, Astrid Jimenez, María del Rosario Juárez, Karla Cecilia López Sánchez, Jeffrey C. Mangel, Mayra Leticia Martínez Suzano, Cristina Miranda, Enrique Ocampo, Ana Ordaz Becerra, Clara Ortiz-Alvarez, Frank V. Paladino, Andrea Pasara-Polack, Sergio Pingo, Rotney Piedra Chacón, Javier Quiñones, Juan M. Rguez-Baron, Jorge Carlos Salas Jiménez, Heydi Salazar, Pilar Santidrián Tomillo, Adriana Laura Sarti Martínez, James R. Spotila, Alejandro Tavera, Jose Urteaga, Felipe Vallejo, Elizabeth Velez, Bryan P. Wallace, Amanda S. Williard & Patricia M. Zárate