Theoretical and computational
ecology laboratory

Ciència Ciutadana: Recerca i Educació.

Project start date: June, 2013

Convocatòria d’Ajuts a la Recerca, RecerCaixa. (2013)

In collaboration with Grup de Recerca OpenSystems, Universitat de Barcelona, Grup de Recerca F.E.M. (Freshwater Ecology and Management), Universitat de Barcelona, Observadors del mar, Institut de Ciències del Mar-CSIC and Punt d’Informació Aerobiològica (PIA), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

We propose the implementation of citizen science as a mechanism for innovative learning in science, technology and mathematics. Citizen science involves the engagement of citizens in real science tasks, sharing the scientific method and collecting data and results with a broad spectrum of citizens, especially through the use of new technologies and smartphones. The project aims to improve the education of citizens in science, in the sustainable management of resources and space, and thus improve habits and attitudes towards the environment. The project will be implemented thanks to the joint collaboration of five research groups that cover different scientific topics in the practice of citizen science and willing to increase their impact by sharing resources and experiences. The initiative has the support of the Barcelona City Council.

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